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Lief Eriksson

No one sent the explorer and he sent himself. He came from Greenland.

This is a Viking ship in a museum in Sweden.

Leif's exploration was a heavily wooded region that he called Markland (Forestland). He continued south, went ashore at a place where he found grapes growing, and named the place Vinland (Wineland).

Leif Erikkson

Explorer Project

This is the route he traveled.

Leif was a Norse explorer who led what was probably the first European expedition to the mainland of North America. He discovered the United States but when he got back to his country they didnt make a big deal about it. They made a big deal when Christopher Columbus founded the United States. He went on a boat from Greenland. Erikkson came with many men and explored some of Canada then made their way to New York.

Leif was the son of Erik the Red and became a viking at a young age. He was born in Iceland and when his grandfather was banished from Norway hm and Leif went back to Iceland. When Leif himself was banished from Iceland he made permanent settlement in Greenland.

Erin Murphy

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Leif discovered America. Even though Christopher Columbas "Discovered America", Erikkson found it before him and Columbas took the credit.


Historians think the fruit may have been cranberries or gooseberries. This exploration was in 1000 with 35 men. He was the first one to discover North America.


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