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Lie Detector Glogster

John Augustus Larson

Lie Detector

James Mackenzie

I was the first to invent a polygraph in 1902.

James invented an earlier and less successful polygraph. However, I invented a modern polygraph in 1921.

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A lie detector is an instrument for determining whether a person is telling the truth, by testing for psychological changes considered to be associated with lying.

Relevent-Irrelevent question method is used in a polygraph test. The relevant questions in the probable lie test are used to obtain a reaction from liars, it can also gain a reaction from the innocent subject who is afraid of false detection.

When a person lies it cause stress that produces changes in several physiological reactions. There are different sensors attached to your body, and as measure changes in breathing, blood pressure, pulse, and perspiration, pens record data on graph paper.

- Civil and Criminal cases- Pre employment screening, when the government hires employees for sensitive jobs- Issues related to homeland security- Bank employees because they handle a large amount of money

Lie detectors are used for...

The accuracy rate for the polygraph tests is about 85% to 95%.

The patent went to Leonarde Keeler because Larson never filed for a patent and also because Leonarde Keeler has worked under Larson and made lots of improvements to the polygraph machine.

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1945- A device was developed, which recorded muscular activity along with changes in blood pressure.

Lie Detector Timeline

Lie Detector Timeline

1885- Cesare Lonbroso invented something to measure changes in blood pressure for police cases.

1902- An earlier and less successful polygragh machine was invented by James Mackenzie.

1904- Vittorio Bennusi invented a device used to measure breathing.

1917- The first polygraph examination was used for activities designed to prevent or thwart spying during World War I.

1921- John Augusta Larson invented a modern Polygraph machine.

1924- Polygraphs began to be utilized in police interrogation and investagations, but it was not trusted yet.

1945- A device was developed, which recorded muscular along with changes in blood pressure.

1936- Blood pressure, pulse and respiration recorder was developed by C. D. Lee.

1947- John E. Reid developed the Control Question Technique. They ask relevent and irrelevent questions to gsin reaction.

1986- The introduction of computerized polygraphy system began.

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