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Within the days in Libya, it had quickly turned into a nightmare to the African, due to the fact that it was a true respect to the racist terrorism that had launched against the scores of unarmed black Libyan civilians and African migrant workers.

In beginning of 2011, Benghazi's police headquarters had to begin the search of arrest of human rights attorney, because it had start out as a series of peaceful demonstrations which end up turning into a confrontation, which had to be meet up with the military force.



In the year of 2012 of July, Libya’s future seemed brighter than ever, due to the euphoria of historic elections that had happened. There are many obstacles that had been surmounted to demonstrate into the world, which means the nation could prevail against the strong odds.

Libya was ready for democracy, so the cruise missiles had begun to show Libya how to get improvement, but however much they had it was certainly compressed that it had lead into a nutshell that had prohibited the considering of contrary opinions, and the rights as their consistently proved to be shown.

In the country side of Libya which is known as the North African country, had fought against the forces of loyal to Colonel Muammar Gaddafi and for those who had been seeking to oust his government, so in early March of 2011, Gaddafi's forces had rallied, pushed eastwards and had re-take several coastal cities before reaching Benghazi.

About ten to twenty percent of Libyans had worked as informants for committees, with surveillance that’s taken place in the government, in factories, and in the education sector.


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