Library Learning Commons:Implications for Teachers and Learning

by Jojo71
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Library Learning Commons:Implications for Teachers and Learning


Well designed LLC can increase student learning and engagement.



Library Learning Commons: Implications for Teaching and Learning

Positive effects of library learning commons and librarians for:

*support from teacher librarians in awareness of changing information (National Commission on Libraries and Information Science (NCLIS), 2008)*improves skills in literacy instruction result from collaboration with teacher librarians (Lance et al. as cited in AASL, 2013)*teachers are kept up to date on developments in ICT and library resources (NCLIS, 2008)*librarians partner with teachers to incorporate ICT into curriculum ( NCLIS, 2008)

*closing of the gap in equitable education for all students (AASL, 2013)*LLC provide secure learning environments (Todd, 2010)*LLC are common learning areas for all staff and students to collaborate (Todd, 2010)*a shift in passive learning to active learning can be attributed to LLC (Todd, 2010)

*LLC assist in developing social networks (Todd, 2010)*digital gaps diminishes when ICT is accessed in LLC (Pew, 2012as cited in American Association for School Librarians (AASL), 2013)*LLC and librarians offer support for today's learning challenges (Trilling as cited in AASL, 2013)*opportunities to develop digital literacy skills occur in LLC (Kachel as cited in AASL, 2013)*use of LLC and librarian support result in higher levels of academic success (Atcherman as cited in AASL, 2013)* improved reading skills due to more opportunities for reading engagement(Krashen as cited in AASL, 2013)*learn skills to acquire and manage information through LLC culture (Todd, 2010)*students use the LLC to develop their own learning methods and apply learned skills to other areas (Educause Learning Initiative, 2011)


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