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Library Learning Commons

Libraries are often thought to be places where books are kept and students go to quietly read and exchange books. It is sometimes used for informal gatherings as it is seen as an extra space. It is time to "rethink our library spaces" (Brooks Kirkland, 2013). The physical environment of the library is often large and open and can be used to establish a collaborative atmosphere. Libraries "should encourage collegiality and intellectual development" (OSLA, 2010 as cited by Brooks Kirkland, 2013). The space according to Brooks Kirkland needs to be a "hub" (p. 17) of activity and encourge students to take ownership of their learning. Modern LLC spaces have multi-purpose areas to support collective learning and change to meet the needs of its users (Arbarbanel, Davis, Hand, & Wittmer, 2013).

LLC (Library Learning Commons)

"A learning commons is a whole school approach to building a participatory learning community" (Canadian Library Association, p. 1, 2014).

A Successful Library Learning Commons

"Empowering" (CLA, p. 4, 2014).

1. Participatory and collaborative - students, teachers and teacher librarians share responsibility for the accessible atmosphere.2. Creative and innovative - using technology to make connections and explore critical thinking.3. Equal and accessible - opportunities for all students to engage in learning.

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