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Other RewardsTypical benefits include sick leave, paid vacation, health insurance, and, depending on the employer, a retirement plan may be provided.

Major EmployersMajor employers are schools, colleges/universities, and public libraries.

Training RequiredTraining required includes getting a master's degree in library and informational science.

Skills and AbilitiesSkills and abilities necessary include being able to read and understand written information, listening to others, being able to concentrate, being able to think of new ideas and creative ways to solve problems, motivating and directing people, being aware of others' reactions, persuading people, and the ability to perceive and visualize patterns.


Working ConditionsWorking conditions include having a high level of social interaction, working in a team, working indoors, setting tasks without talking to a superior, and meeting strict deadlines.

OutlookIn the United States, there is an estimated growth of 6.9% in the next ten years, with 51,400 annual openings.

Financial RewardsThe average starting salary is $3,915 per month ($22.59 per hour). With experience, it is possible to earn up to $7,267 per month.

Work ActivitiesCommon work activities include using computers, explaining information to others, documenting and recording information, working with the public, teaching others, and thinking creatively.

Why This Career Interests MeThis career interests me because I love books and organzing things. I also think I would really enjoy recomending books to people.


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