Liars and Fools

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Liars and Fools

Main Idea

Fiona’s life changed forever when her mother disappeared in a South Pacific sailing accident. A year later, everyone tells her it is time to move on. But Fiona’s father has started dating again. His new girlfriend, Kathy, is a professional psychic who claims she can predict the future and communicate with the dead. Fiona is sure she is a fraud, although she secretly wishes for her abilities to be real. So, with the reluctant support of her best friend Abby, Fiona sets out to put an end to her father’s new relationship… by trying to prove that Kathy is a liar.

Robin Stevenson

She was born in England but moved to Canada when she was seven. She read pretty much every book in her small town library. Fortunately she grew up in a house full of books and soon moved on to the books on her parents’ shelves. She still read everything: short stories, novels, travel writing, memoirs. She is completely incapable of walking past a used bookstore.

Book Cover !


Fiona's moms boat.


Kathy: Fionas dads new girlfiend

Main Idea


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