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Li Cunxin


Li soon joined Ben Stevenson's Houston Ballet as an exchange student. Wgilst Li was there he met a young women called Elizabeth Mackey , who had come from Australia to dance at the same place as Li. A couple of years later Li and Elizabeth got married in 1987. Li and Elizabeth had there first child in 1989 and named her Sophie.Then their second child came along in 1992 called Thomas. In 1995 Li and his family decided to migrate to Melbourne Australia.

Not long after Li got to Australia he picked up work at the Australian Ballet as a Principle Artist. Two years later their third child was born and named Bridie. Soon after Li finished his ballet career at the age of 38. But he was offered a job at the Queensland Ballet as a choreographer. In 2012 Li progressed with the QLD Ballet and was named Artistic Director.

Li was born on the 26th of January 1961in rural Qingdao, China as one of 7 brothers. At the age of 11 Li was selected to attend China's Beijing Dance Academy, for 16 hours of Ballet training a day!7 years later in 1979 Li went to the USA with Zhang Weichang for a tour of America.When the tour had finished Li requested to stay in America for longer but was locked up in the Chinese consulate in Houston instead. This created a dramatic standoff betwee the Chinese and American Government. About 21 hours later Li walked out of the Chinese consulate as a free man who could live in America.

Maos last dancer is a book based on the events of Li's life. It was published by Li in 2003 . It has recieved numerous accolades, including the Australian book of the year award In 2008, the childs version of the book, Maos last dancer : The pleasant prince won the Ausralian Publishers Assosiations Book of the Year for younger children, and the QLD Premiers Literary Awards Children's Book Award. The book has also been developed into a 2009 feature film by Bruce Beresford.

Quote: Awards: "In order to fly In 2009 Li was officialy named you have to be Australian father of the year.Then in free" 2014 Li was named QLD National Australian of the year for his contribution to the arts


Li's Family

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