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Li Cunxin

About Li CunxinLi Cunxin was born on the 26th january 1961 in Qingdoa, Northern China. He is a famous ballet dancer. At the age of 11, Li was chosen to go to Beijing dance accademy. He had to leave his family and his home in Qingdoa, Northern China. After seven years of hard training he received the first cultural scholarship to go to America and dance in the Houston Ballet. In 1987 he married an Australian dancer, Mary McKendry. In 1995 Li and his family moved to Melbourne. In Melbourne he danced in the Australian Ballet for three years. He then retired from dancing and became the artistic director of the Queensland Ballet. Li's BooksIn 2003 Li published a book called Mao's Last Dancer and in 2007 he published another book called the Peasant Prince. The books are autobiographical and are written for different age groups. The movie of Mao's Last Dancer was released in 2009.

Li Cunxin

Li Cunxin dancing as a soloist in the Houston Ballet

Interveiw with Li

Li's Family


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