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Lexi Oggard

I chose Dally Winston because of his friendship with Johnny. Even though Dally always acted very tough, he cared for Johnny more then he even wanted to live. I feel that is what friendship is, being there for your best friend in the death bed! I feel that Dally didn't just see Johnny as a friend but as a brother. The bond that Johnny and Dally had is what friendship really is.

I think that Ponyboy represents staying gold because he is still innocent like a child. Johnny's last words were stay gold Ponyboy. He wanted Ponyboy to stay youthful and not to grow up so fast like Darry did. That is why I feel that Ponyboy represents Staying Gold.

Staying Gold


Social Ostracism

I feel that Darry represents Social Ostracism because if it wasnt for his parents dying he would be classified as a Soc. He used to on the football team and had good grades, but he was forced to become a parent for his brothers. That is why Darry represents Social Ostracism.



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