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Lewis Hines

Lewis Hines was a photojournalist who took pictures to inform everyone about the problems there were in the society of America during the late 1800's and the early 1900's.

Was Hine Successful

Lewis Hines was very successful introducing the problem of child labor into society. With his explicit and unforgettable photos, no one could look away from the problm of child labor. With Lewis Hine's role as a photojournalist and a litle help from of the other activists, the government created regulations on the minimum age of a woker, the amoun of working hours, the safety of the factory, and etc.

The Main Problem

The problem that Lewis Hine mainly focused in on was child labor. He knew that child labor was wrong and he believed that in order for it to be fixed, he would have to introduce he problem ino society.He introduced the problem into society through his many pictures and books.Some of his books on child labor include Child Labor in America and Kids at Work

How Did Hines' Manage to Do It?

He would tell the managers that he was either an insurance photographer or a postcard photographer that wanted the pictures of the machines and their operators. "While photographs may not lie, liars may photograph."



The Obstacles

Lewis Hine faced some obstacles while taking photographs. One of the obstacles that he faced was taking pictures undercover. Hine was often not allowed to take pictures inside factories.


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