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Lewis Hine

Lewis Hine was born on September 26,1874. His father died when he was 18.He later moved to New York to take pictures of immigrants who come to america through Ellis island.Later he joins the NCLM and takes pictures of children fighting the child reform laws.Then when the constuction of the Empire state buliding started around 1931 he worked and to pictures of that.He died 9 years later.

1874 - Born1902 - His father dies1904 - takes Ellis Island pictures1911 -Joins the NCLM1916-child labor pictures1931 - Empire state building pictures1940 - Died

Lewis Hine accomplished his goals in a way only a few other social reformests did. He used his camera to photograph children working to change the child reform laws.

Lewis Hines methods were using his camera to take pictures of chldren working. He also joined the National Child Labor Commitee (NCLM).


Fun Fact #1:Married to Sarah Ann Rich

Fun Fact #2:He took over 5,000 pictures between 1906 and 1918

Born on:September 26,1874Died on:November 3,1940

Facts and life story

Mornings on maple street

Some pictures he took


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"There is work that profits children, and there is work that brings profit only to employers. The object of employing children is not to train them, but to get high profits from their work."- Lewis Hine, 1908




Lewis Hine

Immigrants coming to america

Group of young boys working

Young girl working in an industrial factory

Left Is a self picture of Lewis Hine right is a man working in the Empire State Building

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