Lewis & Clark

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Lewis & Clark

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There were many different people on Lewis & Clark's journey. First there was Toussaint Charbonneau, a French Canadian. He also brought his wife Sacagawea, the guide, their son Jean Bapitste (Pomp) and a slave named York. And of course, they had Meriwether Lewis, William Clark and lots of other people.

Lewis + Clark find the rocky mountins with Sacajawea.

Lewis and Clark set out in May 1804. When Lewis and Clark went to explore the west they also brought a team of 40 or more men on the expedition with them. Among some of the items that Lewis and Clark brought with them was food like soup (beacause soup had all the nutrition they needed in it) as well as warm clothes and guns. They traded with Indians along the way, with glass beads and little trinkets they carried with them. L+C traveled up the Missouri river on one big boat called a barge and 2 smaller boats called pirogues.

Lewis & Clark

On June 13th Merrywether Lewis was the first white man to see the Great Falls of the Missouri river. To Merrywethers astonishment there were five separate falls, not just one, and they exended for 12 miles! Portaging around the falls would take longer than Merrywether had planned. By the time they made it around the falls, more than a month had passed. Next stop, The Rocky Mountains!

lewis and clarkAround the Great Falls!

When Thomas Jefferson sent Meriwether Lewis and William Clark to go explore the Louisana Purchase, before they left, he gave them journals to share their experiences along the way. While on their journey, L+C saw many animals, such as grizzly bears, a Kit Fox and a praire dog. They would also write long and detailed journal entries about how these animals acted in their environments. L+C even sent Thomas Jefferson a live Prairie Dog specimen. Later along the way, they also encountered an eagle, a tree frog and a trout.

Thomas Jefferson made a deal with Napolean in 1803, this was a big deal, because France sold us the Louisana Territory. After the purchase of the Louisana Territory, Thomas Jefferson asked Meriwether Lewis (who was an army man at the time) to lead the expedition into the new territory. Lewis was interested, but knew he could not go alone. Lewis asked William Clark to come with him the journey was long and tiring, but it was worth it because when they came back, they were heros.

What did they Bring?

Who was on the Journey?

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