Lewis & Clark Expedition

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Lewis & Clark Expedition

Lewis and Clark ExpeditionBy: Alex Quiroz

Lewis and Clark also discovered different types of animals they had never seen before. Some included Grizzly-Bear, Bison, Buffalo, and Bighorned Sheep. They were both interested in discovering new animals and plants while on their search for The Northwest Passage.

They had to deal with dangerous situations and obstacles. Some included snake bites, cold weather, and mosquitoes that could've carried deadly viruses.

The Lewis and Clark Expedition lasted a total of 2 years and 4 months. They started their expedition May 14, 1804. During these two years and four months they covered well over 8,000 miles.

Sacajawea helped Lewis and Clark navigate and stay alive. She helped them gather food, translate between Indians, and showed them the way.

Lewis and Clark's party comes across Mandan Indians.


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