Lewis Carroll (biography)

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Lewis Carroll (biography)

Dodgson published his last important book: Symbolic Logic.

He wrote last historical novel "Sylvie and Bruno".

Lewis finished the studies and taught mathematics at Oxford.

He published The Hunting of the Snark

Lewis Carroll went to the Rugby School.

Charles Lutwidge Dodgson (Lewis Carroll) was born in the little parish of Daresbury (Manchester)His parents are Frances Jane Lutwidge and the Rev. Charles Dodgson. He had 3 brothers and 7 sisters.

He wrote a book of maps: Euclid and his modern rivals

His first work, a romantic poem 'Solitude' was published under his name.

Dodgson travels to Russia.

He writes his first book of maths.


Jan 27th, 1832

Lewis left Rugby School at the end of this year

His family moved to the Croft Rectory in Richmond shire, North Yorkshire.

Dec 27th, 1846

Dec 9th, 1843

Dec 9th, 1849

Lewis Carroll enrolled into Christ Church College, Oxford.Lewis began to study Classics and Mathematics. He spent the rest of his life here as a student and teacher.

Jan 24th, 1851

Dogson first took up photography.

Jan 26th, 1851

Carroll’s mother diedHis mother died of "inflammation of the brain" at the age of forty-seven.

He disliked public school, because he was very shy. Also he suffered serious illness.

Jun 20th, 1854

n this place they didn't have much contact with outside the world. Charles enjoyed doing magic tricks, writing poems and stories to entertain his brothers and sisters.

Jun 8th, 1856

Feb 5th, 1857

Lewis Carroll receives his master's degree from Oxford.

Dec 9th, 1860

The book "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" was published under HIS authorship.

Jan 1st, 1865

Aug 9th, 1865

Nov 10th, 1867

WOW!His journal of the voyage is published posthumously as Russian Journal.

Dec 12th, 1871

Apr 15th, 1872

Jan 13th, 1879

Dec 9th, 1889

Lewis Carroll died at his sisters' home "The Chestnuts" in Guildford of pneumonia following influenza. He was 2 weeks away from turning 66 years old. He was buried in Guildford Cementary, England.

Jan 14th, 1898

Jan 10th, 1896

A sequel of the book was published as "Through the Looking Glass and What Alice Found There.

This was a very difficult time for him.



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