Lewis and Clark

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Lewis and Clark

Meriwether LewisMeriwether Lewis was born in Virginia on August 18, 1774. As a child, he grew up near the future President of the United States, Mr. Thomas Jefferson. At age 20, he joined the Army and became friends with William Clark during their Northwest Campaign. Lewis was known as the introvert, the thinker and planner on the journey.William ClarkAlso from Virginia, William Clark was born in August 1, 1770. In the Army, he sevced during the Whickey Rebellion of 1795 & 1796. When Lewis asked him to co-captain the expedition out west, he happily accepted! Clark was more of an extrovert, and a man of action.


1803 - President Thomas Jefferson makes the Louisiana PurchaseMay 1804 - Louis and Clark begin their expedition from St. Louis, Missouri Dec 1805 - Reached the Pacific Ocean and established Fort Clatsop for the winterSept 1806 - Returned back to St. Louis

Lewis and Clark set out to find a direct waterway path from the Mississippi River to the Pacific Ocean. They did not end up finding such a path, but they did discover more information about the newly purchased Louisiana Territory. After their expedition, American settlers began making movements to travel out West. Thanks to Lewis and Clark, we now have American's living from the Mississippi to California!

Did You Know?

-The men couldn't pronounce "Sacagawea" so they called her "Janey"-Lewis and Clark met in the Army in 1795-In North Dakota, the men found thousands of deer, elk, antelope and prairie dogs



Lewis and Clark



Lewis and Clark Auction

SS4H6 The student will explain westward expansion of America between 1801 and 1861.a. Describe territorial expansion with emphasis on....the Lewis and Clark expedition


Think you know enough to make it on the journey? Try your luck: http://www.nationalgeographic.com/west/

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