Lewis and Clark

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Lewis and Clark

Who were Lewis & Clark & what did they do/accomplish on their journey???

Lewis & Clark!!

During their journey, Lewis & Clark often came upon new types of tribes. When this happened, they had to have a certain way to show their peace with them. Without doing so, the tribes would most likely think they were all intruders. What the two men did is made up a way to communicate & just really interact with theNative Americans. Lewis & Clark gave the each of the tribesthat they met a medal, showing peace & respect. On the medal,they all had "... Jefferson on one side & two hands clasping on theother, as well as some form of presents, (often trade goods)."


Throughout their whole journey, Lewis & Clark discovered many new things that the people of their time had no idea about. These new discoveries included animals, plants, tribes, & new foods they had to try, in order to survive the trip. They found animals such as "... Blue Catfish, Bull Snake, Coyote, Columbian Ground Squirrel, Mountain Lion, Oregon Bobcat..." & much more. On the trip, they also discovered plants such as the "... Blue Flax, Cluster Rose, Chocolate Lily, Common Snowberry, Golden Currant..." & much more.

The Journals! If it weren't for Lewis & Clark's journals, we wouldn't know a whole lot about how their journey went from their perspective & we wouldn't know about the discoveries they found, the climate they faced, & the people they met. "The morning was cloudy & a few drops of rain. Set out at an early hour & proceeded as usual by the help of our chords. The river cliffs & buffs are not so high as yesterday..." This enrty from Lewis' journal on June 1st, 1805 helps us visualize!

Meriwether Lewis!

William Clark!

Meeting New Native American Tribes!

The Expedition Supplies!

The Expedition Discoveries!

During the Expedition, Lewis, Clark, & their menHAD to have certain supplies in order to survive &in order to travel from place to place. When beingin the wilderness, they had no idea what to expect,so they had things such as "... 54 Calibar rifles ("Kentucky Rifles"), 15 Gun Slings, 24 large knives, Powder Horns, & 500 Rifle Flints." These were few of the many weapons that all of the men used for the trip, just in case of any danger, or to use for getting any food. Also, Lewis & Clark used "... 55-foot (17 meter) Keelboats, 2 pirogues (open boats), Square Sails (also called a broad sail), 35 oars, & 2 horses..." These examples are the things that the men used for transportation. These were really important because without them, Lewis & Clark would not be able to travel where they needed.


http://www.nationalgeographic.com/lewisandclark/resources_discoveries_animal.html &http://www.nationalgeographic.com/lewisandclark/resources_discoveries_plant.html

In the year of 1804, the president of the time, the man named Thomas Jefferson, sent a team to explore lands acquired in the Louisiana Purchase. The Corps of Discovery traveled nearly 8,000 miles over the course of three whole years, reaching the Pacific Ocean and clearing the path for the westward expansion. This journey had a lot of surprises and many people were so fascinated with the results of the trip when Lewis, Clark, & their men returned.



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