Lewis and Clark

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Lewis and Clark

Lewis and Clark

Meriwether Lewis and William Clark were American explorers in the early 1800's. They explored the recently purchased Louisiana Territory with a small expedition team, called the "Corps of Discovery", and an Indian woman named Sacajawea. Their journey lasted from May 1804 to September 1806, traveling from St. Louis to the Pacific Ocean. They documented plants and wildlife, but more importantly, they charted maps of the Western United States.

Part of Lewis and Clark's success is due to their guide and companion, Sacajawea. Her knowledge of the land helped them survive in harsh conditions. Sacajawea even had a child while traveling with Lewis and Clark, so she carried her child on her back while they trekked across the country. She negotiated peaceful interactions between the expedition crew and Indians. At one point during their journey, Sacajawea went to purchase horses from an Indian tribe and discovered that her brother was the chief.

Lewis and Clark's expedition started in St. Louis and took them through all of the Louisiana Territory. They traveled up the Missouri River, through the Dakotas, Montana, Rocky Mountains, and down the Columbia River until they reached the Pacific Ocean. Even though they never reached their goal to find a continous waterway to the Pacific Ocean, their expedition still played a crucial part in exploration of the West.



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