Lewis and Clark Expedition Scrapbook

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by KaishiaIeraci
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Lewis and Clark Expedition Scrapbook

Lewis and Clark Expedition Scrapbook

By: Kaishia Ieraci

A grizzly bear, in its brown glory, looks right at the camera. One nearly killed Lewis. Mercifully, Clark killed the bear before Lewis ended up dead.

This buffalo looks as if it doesn't want to be bothered. We saw a LOT of buffaloes on our journey. When needed, they make for great meat.

The map depicts the Missouri River from start to finish. We traveled the river to see the West. We were to find a water passage west.

The Sioux Indians are gathered around a teepee. They were seperated into two main groups. The Teton Sioux were violent, and the Yankton Sioux were benevolent.

Life is going as usual in the Shoshone Village. The Shoshone were very helpful. They gave us horses and told us how to get across the Rocky Mountains. Our guide, Sacagawea, was from the Shoshone tribe.

The beauteous Pacific Ocean behold!! The ocean is as blue as a blue gem. After a long and ardourous journey, we have made it!

Roots on the ground because someone was so sick of them. Roots are good for food but disgusting. No wonder about half the explorers decided to take their chances on other food sources.

Elk standing there, just ready to be hunted. They were one of our main food sources. They were EVERYWHERE!

The curious prairie dog looks about for food. We sent one home to President Jefferson. Maybe he can keep it as a pet.

The water of the Missouri falls rushes loudly over the rocks. We had to carry our boats and supplies around the falls. No one was pleased about that.


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