Lewis and Clark Expedition: Fish

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Lewis and Clark Expedition: Fish

Lewis and Clark Discoveries:Fish

The Lewis and Clark expedition officially began on May 21, 1804. Their goal was to document new land from the unexplored parts of America. They followed the Mississippi River, and documented many new plants, animals, and other things. This Glog focuses on just the fish.

Salmon, blue catfish

Channel Catfish, Goldeye fish

In total, there wasn't very many species of fish found. However, the crew did use the fish as a food resource for themselves. The resident fisher on their 40-50 man team was Silas Goodrich. Cat fish was the most common among the fish they caught. The group also saw migrating fish, like salmon.

The new species of fish include: blue catfish, channel catfish, goldeye, mtn. white sturgeon fish, white sturgeon, steel head trout, and the starry flounder (listed below in this order).


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