[2015] jordan humphrey: Lewis and Clark

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Explorers and Discovers

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[2015] jordan humphrey: Lewis and Clark

Great Explorers

AdventuresThe expedition began in 1804 and lasted til 1806.These travelers discovered the west and are known for it to this day. They suffered cold weather, rough mountains, and dangerous terrain. Dealt with many different indian tribes, most of which were peaceful. Their discoveries helped people know whar was out there and layed the ground work for expansion.

Lewis and Clark discovered 180 different animals and 182 new plants. Some of which were ferocious and were greatly feared like the grizzly bear, wolves, and even big horned sheep. Some plants were bear grass, white alder, and yellow bell. Three animals are the bull snake, blue catfish, and the raven. Indians discovered were the missouris, yankton, sioux, lakota, Arikaras. The only hostiles were the Lakotas.


LegacyLewis and Clark are known for their discoveries in the west. Without the knowledge from these explorers, people were to scared to even venture to see what was out there. These brave men and their followers made it possible for expansion. Lewis and Clark possibly had one of the greatest expeditions to the U.S. ever to happen. These brave men shaped the U.S.


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