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LEVIATHANby Scott Westerfeld

For AlekHurry yourself up clartface. I've been waiting for an hour and you still haven't brought the food for the beastie. If we're going to call you part of the crew we're not going to have you sodding around on the job! I'll send this up with Dr. Barlow's bird, I just ripped this from my notebook. I expect a grand reason as to why you're not here working. Also, I'm running out of pencils here, I've been drawing Tazza while you were mucking about, so I need some more. And while you're bringing the whale food, you might as well bring me something as well. Barking spiders I'm starved.

The Leviathan

Airship Anatomy

LetterTo: AlekFrom: Dylan

August, 11Coxswain Sharp, JaspertLog 139: It's been two weeks since Deryn left on the Huxley, and I've finally received word on her position. She's somehow managed to land herself a position as middy on the Leviathan itself, lucky little clart she is. I'm sure she thinks herself quite the fancy-boots now. I can't say I'm not happy for little sister though, she's been wanting to fly since Da died, and I can't imagine a better flight than the Leviathan. I'm sure she's doing great on the ship, she's always had a barking great potential as an airman. I remember helping her get into the force, showing her how to be a boy to be accepted in, reviewing all the signals and calls, and teaching her everything there is to know on aeronotics. I hope that fool can remember to call herself Dylan. More than anything though, is her air sense. She proved it on that Huxley, she's got a good deal of courage, if things start looking sketchy, she'll step up and take care of those on the ship, I'm sure of it. Even though she can be a complete bum-rag, she's also cleverer you'd think, she won't let anyone on board know that she's any girl. I've been thinking about all we said before and thought she left."'Right, then.' The flight captain stepped in front of the line. "Now that the Monkey Luddites have been cleared out, who'd like to go first?"Without hesitation, without a thought about what I said about not drawing attention, and with the last squick of nerves in her belly gone, Deryn Sharp took one step forward.'Please, sir. I'd like to fly.'"Barking spiders that was stupid. But when she was caught in that storm on the Huxley, she showed herselg to be a real natural with the airships:"Deryn and the Huxley were seconds away from smashing into the that shining expanse of wet stone. Finally her fingers pushed the cable's working end free. The knot spilled, the rope twisting like a live thing, skinning her fingers as it slipped from the steel ring.As the weight of three hundred feet of wet hemp dropped away, the airbeast soared, clearing the prison walls with yards to spare."Blisters it's getting late, I'd do well to get some sleep. I've got to get up early for "special training" tomorrow.End log

Leviathan ReviewScott WesterfieldThis story alternates between two different points of view. Alek is the prince and rightful heir to the throne of Austria Hungary, but with his parents assassinated and his great uncle after his life, he goes into hiding with a small group of men and one of the many walking war machines of the clankers. Deryn is a girl posing as a boy in order to join the British air force, yet ends up on the Leviathan, a giant whale-like creature that has been biologically engineered to serve as an air ship. The two inevitably become stuck together in the story and become dependent on one another, despite being on opposing sides of a developing war.This story has a fantastic plot, is very immersive, has interesting, diverse and relateable characters, as well as excellent concepts carried out through great storytelling and occasional humor. It is a fun and relatively simple read, with almost four-hundred pages of content, and I would reccomend it to anybody looking for an easy and entertaining experiance.

To DylanI'll have you know I'm pulling my own weight on this massive whale. I met one of the boatswains and he said that he needed some help working the engines, so I decided that it was a more important matter to keep this beast in the sky. I'll make sure to bring the food later, just wait for me there, and I don't have time to make you a sandwich.

LetterTo: DylanFrom: Alek


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