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Theme: Be careful who you trust

Leviathan Jess Spatzer teacher: Mr. Danner


Leviathan is a fabricated British airship. Through out the book it makes its way around the world.

Deryn Sharp- After her father dies, she wants to be in the Royal Air Services. At this time girls aren’t allowed to join, so she disguises herself as a boy names Dylan.

Aleksandar, Prince of Hohenberg (Alek)- Protagonist in the story. Because Alek's parents' marriage was morganatic, he cannot inherit the throne. After his parents are assassinated he goes into hiding with several men he knows though his father and some tutors. He finds it difficult going from having a charmed life to a sheltered one.

Count Ernst Volger- Ernst Volger is Alek's fencing instructor. He helps Alek escape into hiding in the middle of the night after the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand and also goes into hiding along with him.

"But what if the intruder were something worse than a thief? His father's warnings echoed in his ears....""You have had enemies from the day you were born." (pg. 1)

Main events: In the air leviathan comes under sudden attack from the German airships. The crew fights them off but not fast enough when the gas runs out and Leviathan crash lands on a Switzerland glacier where it just so happens Alek and his crew are hiding. That,s how Alek and Deryn meet.

How I feel: I enjoyed the book leviathan because it was steampunk themed, and I find the interesting. It also had good plot, events, and lessons. I also enjoyed the way Westerfeld wrote with beautiful detail and description.“Suddenly a pair of searchlights lanced out from the frigate. They swept across the dark expanse - bright knives slicing the night into pieces.”



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