Leviathan Series

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Leviathan Series

Leviathan Series

Prince Alaeksandar is on the runfrom his own people.After his parentsdeath he is running for his own life withWildcount Volger,Bauer, Hoffman andOtto Klopp. On his journey of survival he meets Deryn a girl dressed as a boy to serve the Air Navy.Together they will work to put an end to the war whos Aleks family started.Will Alek and his alliswin or will his enemies the Germans. Read the book to find out more

Deryn (Dylan) Sharp

Prince Aleksandar (Alek)


Otto Klopp

Dr. Nora Darwin Barlow


Scott Westerfeld is an American author of science fiction. He was born in Texas and now divides his time between Sydney, Australia and New York City, USA.

Alek and his stormwalker

The Leviathan is a living airship whale.


About the Author

Wildcount Volger



Chose a side

Darwinist are countriesthat use fabricated beast as their weapons.

Clankers are the countriesthat use steam driven iron machines.

Main Characters

About The BookLeviathan is a seriesof three books Leviathan,Behemoth,and Goliath.Leviathan is Historical Fiction and was relesedin October 6, 2009.

Leviathan Book Trailer

By:Patricia Salinas


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