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Levi Strauss

I AM POEM I am corageous and determined. I wonder how I could create a sturdy pear of pants?I hear the needle clicking on my machine.I see a better future. I want a good life for my family. I am corageous and detirmined. I pretend to be in the mines working, wearing a pair of my own. I feel a gaurdian angel. I can touch the moon. I worry that the prices of my fabrics and labor will increase. I cry when materials fail to please me. I am corageous and detirmined. I understand the economy. I say we protect the working man. I dream to create my own line of clothing. I try to stick to what I belive in. I hope that my nephews will be able to carry on the family business. I am corageous and detirmined.

He sold clothing, fabric, and other items to small shops in the region. Strauss died at the age of 73 on September 26, 1902 in San Francisco.

He was born in Germany in 1829

He came to America in 1847 to work for his brothers dry foods business.

Levi Strauss

By: Sarah Mitterling

This video talks about how the levi store gives much more to the customers than just a pair of jeans. It also shows that every pair of jeans they make is just like the original and that they can always promise high quality clothing.


Throughout the Gold Rush he created blue jeans that were durable and could be worn in the mines. In 1847 he , his two sisters and his mother came to join his two older brothers in the United Stated. I think that they would have been less inclined if They did not have family to reunite with. Learning about Levi and his family's immigration has showed m how much moving to America can really improve your career. As soon as he came to the US he had a job and had the chance for a job that would bring him long life fortune. He ended up working and making blue jeans with his taylor, Jacob Davis, for forty years.


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