Levi Strauss

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Levi Strauss

Levi StraussMaker of America's Favorite Denim

Born in Germany on February 26, 1829, as Loeb Strauss. He faced religious persecution because he was Jewish. After his dad died, he moved to America at age 18 with his mom and sisters.

Levi Strause died on September 26, 1902 in his home in San Francsico, CA, at age 73.

In NYC, Levi worked for his older brother in the dry goods business. When he heard about the California Gold Rush, Levi went WEST to make his riches.

In San Francisco, Levi ran a wholesale dry goods company that sold clothing, fabric and other items to stores in the region.

What the prospectors needed were sturdy pants, so and a partner started making waist overalls out of heavy canvas. Later they switched to a material known as denim that was dyed blue to hide stains.

Levi's partner, Jacob Davis, used rivets on the pockets and fly to make the waist pants more durable.

Levi created a denim jean that was long lasting for the gold prospectors and comfortable for all people today.

May 20, 1873

Strauss helped establish 1st synagogne in SF, gave money to charities, and funded scholarships to the University of California.

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