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Levi Coffin


Levi Coffin was an abolitionist, temperance leader, and philanthropist.In 1821 he and his cousin organized a school for slaves. There, with permission of the masters, they taught the elements of Christianity and reading of the Bible. This soon became banned because slaves were too interested.On 28 Oct. 1824, Coffin married Catherine White at Hopewell Church.Coffin was known as president of the Underground Railroad and one of the conductors. He hid slaves in his giant home in Newport. None of the slaves he helped ever got caught and all were successfully took to freedom.In his autobiography, Coffin wrote that a new fugitive slave came to his home almost every week.He was delegate to the International Anti-Slavery Society in Paris in 1867. The last years of his life he spent in writing his autobiography, Reminiscences of Levi Coffin, published in 1876 by the Western Tract Society of Cincinnati, Ohio. He died in Cincinnati in 1877.


28 Oct. 1789 - born in New Garden, Guilford County 1821-he and his cousin organized a school for slaves1826-moved to Newport and became president of the underground railroad1847- moved to Cincinnati and opened up a warehouse to sell goods made by free laborers, not by slaves. 16 Sept. 1877- died in cinncinati

In spite of the opposition of the elders, he joined the young Quakers of New Garden in 1818 In May 1864 he went to the British Isles; there he was instrumental in organizing the English Freedmen's Aid Society, which sent over one hundred thousand dollars in money and supplies to America in a single year. He was delegate to the International Anti-Slavery Society in Paris in 1867.

Lasting Impact

I like the way he faught for what he believed in no matter what!


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Levi Coffin



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