Levels of Language

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Language Arts
Oral Communication

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Levels of Language

ReferencesBBC. (2001). How Children Acquire and Produce Language. [Video file]. Retrieved from https://youtu.be/2i1z37nYMrMPiper, T. (2012). Making Meaning, Making Sense: Children's Early Language Learning. San Diego, CA: Bridgepoint Education.

Phonology is the sound of language. The speech of sound can be categorized as either vowels or consonants. "Generally speaking, consonants are sounds that are produced with more obstruction of the air in the vocal tract than vowels, which are produced with a relatively unimpeded airstream" (Piper, 2012, p.30).


The Levels Of Language

Pragmatics, unlike semantics, looks beyond the literal meaning of words or sentences. Pragmatics foucses on how the meaning was constructed, as well as the implied meaning behind the sentence.


"A Child's Journey in Language Development"


Phonology Examples!Vowels: A, E, I, O, UWords: Kit, Cap, CutConsonants: All other letters in the alphabetWords: Father, Zap, Check

Morphology refers to the word formation of language. Through morphemes, the smallest unit of meaning or pairing of words, language is formed. For example, hand which is a piece of a word, which can be handbag. Whereas,-ed in looked cannot be broken down in smaller parts.


Syntax is the rule system of language. Syntax helps us understand word order and phrases to create sentences. For example:Without syntax: Will night I good say. With syntax: I will say good night.

"Semantics is concerned with word meanings as well asthe meaning that results from combining words in various ways and with how languagerepresents real-world meaning—in brief, meaning as it resides in and is constructed withlanguage" (Piper, 2012, p.43).


Semantics Example The word "crash" can refer to a car crash, the crash of the stock market or a attended a party you are not invited to.


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