Levels of Language

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Language Arts
Oral Communication

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Levels of Language

Semantics refers to meaning, and pragmatics refers to the functional use of language in real-life settings. Semantics is concerned with word meanings as well as the meaning thatresults from combining words in various ways and with how language represents real-world meaning—in brief, meaning as it resides in and isconstructed with language.



Morphology is the branch concerned with word structure, and syntax refers to sentence structure. Morphemes and words differ, although a word can be a single morpheme. The word of, for example, is a single morpheme, but it is still a word. Often, however, a word consists of more than one morpheme.


Phonology is the branch of linguistics concerned with the description of the sound system. Consonants are sounds that are produced with more obstruction of the air somewhere in the vocal tract than vowels,which are produced with a relatively unimpeded airstream. Phonological awareness is a competency in the category of literacy skills. Ithas to do with detecting rhyme, syllables, and similar sounds found indifferent words.


Phonological Awareness




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