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[2015] Ashley Halverson: LEVEL UP_Ashley Halverson_Glog

For the sections of the story in which Dennis is pursuing his love of video games, I would choose this song, “Brazilian Flower” by Jean Jacques Perrey, to portray the feelings that Dennis has about gaming and the excitement he feels when he is successful.

After he loses his father, Dennis feels haunted by his father’s expectations. The angels that come to him are manifestations of those feelings of guilt and inadequacy, and they push him forward on his father’s path. The song “My Immortal” by Evanescence expresses how Dennis might feel as he wishes for his father’s ghosts to leave him alone so that he can find his own destiny.

Dennis has a difficult time in college as a result of his desire for a social life, need to please his mother and father, and general dislike for the field he has been compelled to choose. Gastroenterology is disgusting for Dennis and, as a result, he doubts that he will be successful in making that his career. Eventually, he chooses to drop out of medical school in order to pursue his love of video games. The song “College Kids” by Relient K describes Dennis’ (as well as many other college students’) feelings about college from time to time.

The “angels” that come to Dennis when he is struggling in school are not what they seem to be. Dennis originally thought that they were sent to him by his father to help him follow his destiny – becoming a gastroenterologist. This was not an unsubstantiated guess, either. They appeared in the form of the four angels that had been on the front of a card given to Dennis by his father on the day that Dennis became the eighth grade valedictorian. But they were actually the ghosts of Mr. Ouyang’s broken promises to his loved ones that died of liver cancer, as he later did. The son “Devil in Disguise” by Elvis Presley, which describes an angel that is not as she appears to be, seems to fit this part of the story rather well.

Dennis Ouyang is an Asian American boy torn between two worlds. His father, a traditional man with high expectations, forcefully encourages Dennis to do well in school and become a gastroenterologist. Dennis loves to play video games and, after discovering his extraordinary talent as a gamer, considers pursuing that as a career. But when liver cancer takes his father’s life, Dennis’ future is taken over by four stubborn angels that will stop at nothing in order to make sure that Dennis fulfills his father’s dreams. Throughout the story, Dennis is forced to choose between his passions and his duties as a good son, all while trying to understand why his father picked this future for him.

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