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Lev Vygotsky

Vygotsky believed that social interactions plays a large role in one's cognitive development. He believed that one learns through interactions with people, toys, books, cultural artifacts, and ultimately now technology which includes computers.His belief was that experiences was learning. His theory is most adapted in classrooms today.Teachers have knowledge that students do not, therefore, the children will develop from the experience of the teacher.


"1: Vygotsky places more emphasis on culture affecting and shaping cognitive development.2: Vygotsky places considerably more emphasis on social factors contributing to cognitive development.3: Vygotsky places more emphasis on the role of language in cognitive development."

By: Kristy Tuck

Vygotsky was ahead of time. At his time there were no computers and he saw how important social interactions help cognitive development and learning. Today many classrooms use social media, Google, and other hubs to teach children.


Internet Sources Used:(Hyperlinks attached)Vygotskian ApproachLev VygotskySocial Development TheorySpecial thanks to:YouTube and Pintrest


Vygotsky's theory

Vygotsky and learning...

Social Media is very interactive and informative. This reflects Vygotsky's theory that one can learn from social interactions and it is true. We are more informed today than a few years ago.

Lev VygotskyBorn: November 19, 1896Died: June 11, 1934


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