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Leukemia: -Cancer in the bone marrow and/or lymph nodes (blood-forming tissues) -Leukemia is created when bone marrow produces abnormal white blood cells


Causes:-Mutation in DNA which disturbs the instruction of growth and division of white blood cells-Abnormal, rapidly growing and dividing WBCs crowd out healthy WBCs, RBCs, and platelets allowing no destruction of the abnormal WBCs

Treatment:-Chemotherapy: kills mutated cells-Biological Therapy: helps immune system recognize/attack leukemia cells-Targeted Therapy: attacks the dividing cells-Radiation: uses beams to stop the growth of the leukemia cellsStem Cell Transplant: replaces diseased bone marrow with healthy marrow

Incidence: 13.3 out of 100,000 men and women are diagnosed with leukemia per year

Prevention:Since leukemia is caused by a mutation in the DNA there is no way to prevent this cancer yet.

Risk Factors: -Previous cancer treatment using chemotherapy or radiation- Genetic disorders (EX: Down Syndrome)-Over exposure to certain chemicals (benzene-found in gasaline)-Family history of leukemia

All treatments are based on patient's age, health, and leukemia type

BY: Taylor Siegrist and Nicole Thurman


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