[2015] Anne & Jackie & Shaina Period 1, Mrs. Wilkinson (1st Life Science 2015): Leukemia Treatment a

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[2015] Anne & Jackie & Shaina Period 1, Mrs. Wilkinson (1st Life Science 2015): Leukemia Treatment a

Leukemia:Treatment &Connection to GeneticsBy Shaina Eagle

How is Leukemia Connected to Genetics?

-PAX5 gene is being observed as a genetic link to childhood leukemia-A mutation with the IMC gene on chromosome 15 and RARA gene on chromosome 17 is observed in patients with promyelocytic leukemia

Sporadic- aquired, not hereditary, not present in zygote, inherited during lifeOncogene- cells that control cell division; turn cancerous when they make too many cellsTumor Surpressor- also supposed to maintain cell division; turn cancerous when they inactivate

Cancerous Mutations

What are some known mutations linked to cancer?

Chemotherapy-use of powerful anti-cancer drugs that attack- one of the most common treatments for cancer-effective because it targets all cells-side effects such as hair loss, nausea, mouth sores, fatigue, and vomiting

More on ChemotherapyThere are two different types of chemotherapy:Regional chemo- targets specific cellsSystemic chemo- targets the whole bodyChemo is mostly given through needles in the vein, but other ways include a pill or liquid medicine.

Other Treatments:~radiation is high-energy radiation targeted at a specific tumor that shrinks it~Interferon therapy slows the reproduction of cancer cells by producing antiviral proteins~Stem cell transplants(SCT)/bone marrow transplant replaces damaged cells after chemo or radiation~Surguries are sometimes recquired to remove tumors or enlarged organs

-Glivec (STI571) drug against chronic myeloid leukemia-TR100 new chemo drug that causes tumor to self-destruct-Ibrutinib drug against chronic lymocytic leukemia; targets certain cancer-causing proccesses in the body-Molecularly targeted therapy: drug designed at molecular level to only attack cancer cells-Target cancer therapies being developed to attack just cells produced by a certain tumor using genetic codes from that tumor

What are new treatments being developed?

Treatment for Acute & Chronic Cancer-Acute= fast and chronic= slow-acute tumors multiply faster than chronic tumors-acute= treatment should start right away-might use stronger treatment for acute-chronic cancer can stay dormant for a long time-chronic treatment can be easier, but for a longer amount of time-chronic more likely to reoccur-chronic= more in adults


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