Letters B, C

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Letters B, C

Letters B ' C practice with Backpack Bear and Corduroy

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Reading: Literature Standard 1Ask and Answer about Key details in text.Standard 2:The language ofLanguage Arts-Respond to songs based on illustrations usinggestures, movement orinstruments modeledby teachers in a wholegroup

Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear Teddy bear, teddy bear, turn around.Teddy bear, teddy bear, touch the ground.Teddy bear, teddy bear, up on tiptoes.Teddy bear, teddy bear, touch your nose.Teddy bear, teddy bear, walk to me.Teddy bear, teddy bear, bend your knee.Teddy bear, teddy bear, hop around,Teddy bear, teddy bear, sit on the ground.

What did Corduroy the Bear lose in the story?


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