Let's talk about Christmas !

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Let's talk about Christmas !

Hello everybody!It's Hermine and Julia from Paris :)Do you know how we Spend Christmas in Paris?Our city is decorated one month before Christmas as you can see on the pictures. Galleries Laffayettes (luxury shops) are open and specially decorated for the occasion, we usually go there during weekends to buy presents for our family and our friends. There are also Christmas markets in Paris! They are pretty nice and there are so many of activities.Traditional french food is really gastronomic during Christmas ! -There are a lot of Christmas songs,we are crazy about a song : IMAGINE, John Lennon :)

1) Welcome to our glog about Christmas in Paris !2) Discover Paris under the snow and the lumineers ! 3) Enjoy our glogster and have a great Christmas !

Enjoy your presents

"Galeries Lafayettes"

Timelapse of Paris

Luxembourg park under the snow

Instructions about our GLOG :)

Let's talk about Christmas



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