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Elementary School
Science for Young Learners

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Let's Explore the Web

The Don'ts

Let's Explore the Web

The Do's

1. Don't share your password or any personal information with anyone on the internet.2. Don't share pictures or videos of yourself or others without a parent's permission.3. Dont open emails from strangers.

1. Share your password with your parents. 2. Let your parents know if you see something that you don't like or that looks bad.3. Only download something with your parents' permission.4. Pick a username that won't reveal your identity.

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Set up computers in family areas.Educate your child about why it is important to be safe online.

Supervise and take interest in what your child is doing online. Download protection software.

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Click here to learn more about COPPA

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What is COPPA?

The COPPA Rule was put in place to protect kids’ personal information on websites and online services — including apps — that are directed to children under 13. The Rule also applies to a general audience site that knows it’s collecting personal information from kids that age. COPPA requires those sites and services to notify parents directly and get their approval before they collect, use, or disclose a child’s personal information.

Click here for more ways on how to be involved with your kids' online activities!

The purpose of this rule is to establish a policy for the acceptable use of the network as a tool for learning in Miami-Dade County Public Schools.

Acceptable Use

Click here to learn more about acceptable use

Legal Issues

The concept of copywriting can be intruduced to a child by explaining to them the importance of not taking someone else's work. They can be reminded that when wanting to download a pretty picture online that it belongs to someone else and before taking it, they must ask for permission to do so.

Clck here to learn more about legal issues

Behavior that can lead to cyber bullying:Bullying is all about territory. Young children exhibit these types of behaviors because they're extremely territorial. Additionally, they haven't been socialized so they feel this type of behavior is appropriate and their only option to showcase dislike towards something. When your child was a baby, he/she used crying to get attention, now as a young child they might feel bullying behavior gives them what they want. To prevent your child from bullying others, intervene immediately, teach coping methods, make your child take responsibility for their actions and set consequences for them.

Click here for more info on cyber bullying


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