Let's Explore Data!

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Let's Explore Data!

ACTIVITY 5.Interactive game: Tally charts.

ACTIVITY 1.Interactive game: Pictograph (Picture graphs).


Time for us to learn how to create a Picture graph!

ACTIVITY 2.Create our own picture graph.

ACTIVITY 3.Class discussion:What is the most popular animal? How do you know this?What was the least popular animal?How do you know this?How many students liked dogs more than goldfish?How do you know this?

ACTIVITY 4.Writing time!I need you to write three sentences that describe:1. The most popular animal.2. The least popular animal.3. How many more of the most popular animal were chosen compared to the least popular animal.

What are Tally Marks?

ACTIVITY 6.How many students in our class have brown, blue, green or hazel eyes? In your groups, use coloured counters to represent each eye colour by counting and placing them in a line. We will record this by using tally marks.

What was the most popular eye colour? How do you know this? What was the least popular eye colour? Thinking about our two lessons on data, what did you find easier to record your information- A picture graph or a tally chart? Why?

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