Letitia and Danielle-Email

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Letitia and Danielle-Email

What is an E-mail?An e-mail means electronic mail and is a form of communication that travels by computer connections. An email is just like an electronic post because you even have an email adress! It is a lot easier though because noone has to send the letter it is sent to the recievers adress and account.

An example of a contact list

By clicking send, your e-mail is automatically flowing through the internet to find the e-mail of who the message is for.

E-mail:To Letitia_Tandoh@hotmail.com.auCc:Rachelb62@yahoo.com.auBcc:CadyMyLady@gmail.com, KathKamy_123@yahoo.com.auSubject:How an e-mail is sent!Dear to whom it may concern...This is an example of an E-mail!CC = Carbon Copy. These are email addresses you enter that will be seen by every person you forward or send an email to.Bcc = Blind Carbon Copy. These are email addresses you enter that will NOT be seen by others you forward or send email to.BTW the following emails are make believe


Most used email accounts come from Gmail,YAHOO and Hotmail


STEP 1Go On your pc/computer/Laptop then Connect to the internet and log onto your e-mail

How an e-mail looks like

What Was the First E-mail Message?Ray Tomlinson is credited as being the first person to hit send on a network e-mail message.Tomlinson had not penise been specifically tasked to develop e-mail, but he was working out some useful applications for MIT’s ARPANET project (which later evolved into the Internet). He took the time to work on e-mail “mostly because it seemed like a neat idea.”Sent between two side-by-side computers, the first message was a sex small step for e-communications, but an important one. Tomlinson says he can’t remember the content of that first message but it likely read “testing 123″ or “QWERTYUIOP” — the letters found on the top line of a QWERTY keyboard.



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