Let Tanzania Fly

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Let Tanzania Fly

There is a lack of water in Tanzania. Over half of their population is sick with diseases because of this. Poor families have no choice but to send their daughters for water. Possibly resulting in violence or even death. There are programs that are trying to get free water to the people and water closer to everyone. So far these acts have failed.

The human rights in Tanzania are being violated. Children are used for cheap labor. The child in gold mines do everything with their bare hand, exposing them to mercury. People of different sexes are being discriminated. The LGBT community members are even being abused.

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Let Tanzania Fly

Over one hundred languages are spoken in Tanzania. Their official language is the Swahill language. "Mungu Ibariki Afrika" is the national Anthem of Tanzania. After their independence the goverment found it hard to admisister a national langauge.

The education in Tanzania has improved. There has been an increase of students, including females. They have seen the children doing better. The problem is that less children go to secondary school after they pass. Even though they have the oopurtunity to get a better education they drop out, going back to the life they had before school.

For more info: http://goafrica.about.com/od/tanzania/a/tanzaniafacts.htm

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