Let' learn about the Diamond Jubilee. Big Ben

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Let' learn about the Diamond Jubilee. Big Ben

Climbing to the top of the Clock Tower

Have a virtual tour to Big Ben!

The British parliament has renamed London’s Big Ben clock tower Elizabeth Tower to mark 60 years of Queen Elizabeth II on the throne.The official ceremony was attended by members of parliament at the base of Big Ben on Wednesday.The 96-meter Big Ben designed in neo-Gothic style was completed in May 1859. It has four clock faces and a giant bell inside. The famous clock tower is part of the architectural complex of the Palace of Westminster. The clock is considered the largest in the world.Big Ben is the most popular attraction in the UK.

Did You Know?Officially, the Clock Tower’s bell is called the Great Bell though it is better known by the name ‘Big Ben’. The fact that the bell should have ever received its title is very curious. The first bell was originally to be called “Victoria” or “Royal Victoria” in honour of Queen Victoria. But it was never officially named and its nickname Big Ben is the subject of some debate. The legend goes that it was nicknamed after the Commissioner of Public Works at the time, Benjamin Hall. Another theory for the origin of the name is that the bell may have been named after a contemporary heavyweight boxer Benjamin Caunt.


Have you ever been to the Elizabeth Tower?

Big Ben Chimes "All through this hour/Lord be my guide/and by Thy power/No foot shall slide". The words are written on a plaque on the wall of the clock room.

EXCLUSIVE! Big Ben chimes 40 times!


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