let america be america again

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let america be america again

Let America Be America Again by Langston Hughes

I really enjoyed reading , and would highly recommend this piece I believe that Langston Hughes did an incredible job portraying how he truly felt about America, they way he questioned but not bashed certain parts of the way American life is said or meant to be, really captured my attention and made me think about how much I agree with him.

By TK Dahlke

What I believed at the beginning of the poem dramatically changed by the time I reached the end of the poem. When I started the poem I thought that he was talking about how all he wanted was for America just to be what it used to. But reading further I soon realized that it wasn't that he wanted it to be what it used to be, because what it used to be was a fake fairy tail, that he was asking for america to be the american dream, the dream that the "Negros" dreamed and fought for.

Hughes was speaking for more than himself and not only for the oppressed black man but for the lower-class citizens of America.

"The steel of freedom does not stain" towards the end of the poem this was a major turning point in the overall takeaway from the message he was trying to make.

For my personal expanding I learned that I don't always have the truth or all the truth, that there are so many sides that I should explore before making an opinion on an idea. My literary and critical thinking skills were improved also, I learned different ways to analyze and apply that knowledge from the text into forming my own opinions on the piece.

Let America Be America Again by Langston Hughes is a short poem about howAmerica has changed into an unfair and cruel place to him. The poem continues toquestion the greatness that America is made out to be, how people are struggling in aland of equality. He explains that the American dream, where every man is free andequal, has disappeared. He repeats over and over throughout the poem how he wantsthe American dream to be what it used to be. What seems to be the other recurringtheme throughout the poem is how America is supposed to be a land of equality and ithas never been that for him. The land of equality has crushed him over and over againbut he is unharmed. “Unstained” by the hardships he endured. He still loves Americaand although America has not lived up to his expectations he wants America to be whatit was said to be.

Yes It did change my prospective, to me I believed that with hard work and perseverance the "American Dream" was attainable but this poem gave me other ideas, it showed me that the way we portray America is false that in reality it is a hard and unfair place.

Hughes continues to talk about how the American Dream has never been there for him, or his people that he wants america to be the dream it used to be.

I would absolutely, this piece talks about the real America; how it wasn't always what it was said to be. It showed me and I would like it to show the future posterity a side of America that you don't see or read about every day.


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