Lester J. Gillis

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Lester J. Gillis

By the age of 14 years old, Gillis had become an all star car thief. In 1922, the young teen was commited to a boys home. He was released on parole in 1924 but was convicted of a similar crime within a couple months, returning to the home. It was in this house where he was pinned with the name "Baby Face Nelson". In 1931, Nelson was sentenced to a year in prison for bank robbery. After he was released, he was facing another trial on bank robbery. While being returned to prison, he escaped and fled to California where he teamed up with John Paul Chase in the liqor smuggling operation. Nelson engaged in crimes with John Dillinger in 1934. He was nearly caught hiding out with the gang. He killed an FBI agent in an attempt to flee. A couple months after this kill, he killed a police officer while robbing a bank in Indiana.

Born Lester Joseph Gillis, Baby Face Nelson became a renowned criminal of the 1920's and 30's.

Dillinger Gang

Baby Face Nelson was referred to as the most violent member of the Dillinger gang, a group of gangsters following John Dillinger. After 4 of these gang members died, the FBI's focus was on Gillis


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Lester J. Gillis

Criminal Record




He was killed in November of 1934 in a gunfight with a couple FBI agents. He and his accompanies managed to get away but slowly his injuries caused his passing.



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