Lester B. Pearson by Welson

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Lester B. Pearson by Welson


BIOGRAPHY (23 April 1897 – 27 December 1972)Pearson was born in Newtonbrook in the township of York, Ontario (now a part of Toronto).In November 1972, it was reported that Pearson was admitted to the hospital for further unspecified treatment. He died at 11:40 pm ET on 27 December 1972 in his Ottawa home.

Education Graduated from Hamilton Collegiate Institute in Hamilton, Later that same year, he entered Victoria College at the University of Toronto.After the first world war, he returned to school, receiving his Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Toronto in 1919. he studied for two years at St John's College at the University of Oxford.

Personal Qualities1.the top marks on the Canadian foreign service entry exam 2.nearly became the first Secretary-General of the United Nations in 1945, but this move was vetoed by the Soviet Union.3.become Prime Minister in 1963,change the maple flag.4.People have freeedom.

Difficulties1.In 1957, for his role in resolving the Suez Crisis through the United Nations, Pearson was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize2.defeated by theConservatives

Achievement1.He thinks Canada should have its own flag.2.He did a lot on solving the Suez Crisis.3.The introduction of universal health care and the national pension system.

Personal ConnectionI think pearson is a person who is good at studying.He is responsible for the country.I think I should learn to him.I should study hard and do something that is helpful to the country.


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