Lesson one Voula test

by silversal
Last updated 8 years ago

Language Arts
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Lesson one Voula test

I do my homework

I clean the house.I do housework.

I eat breakfast

I eat cereal

I play the piano

I listen to music.

I do Tae Kwon do

I play computer games

I have lunch with my family

I catch the bus

My name is Tina. My weekdays are usually very busy. My alarm clock rings at 7.30. I have a good breakfast, usually milk and cereal. Then I run to the bus stop to catch the school bus. Lessons start at 8.15. At school we work hard for six or seven hours every day. I come back home at about 2.30. My parents are already at home so we have lunch all together. I like that. After lunch I listen to music for while to relax. I do tae kwon do on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. When I come back home I do my homework. Sometimes we don't have much homework so I send emails to my key pals or surf the net. My Mum keeps telling me to clean my room, but I don't because I don't like doing housework. I usually go to bed at dead tired at 11o'clock.



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