Les Misérables

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Les Misérables

~world's long-running musical~won more than 100 major theater awards including 8 Tony Awards~2012 movie sountrack reached No.1 on Billboard 200~2012 movie won 3 Oscars~2012 movie global box office earned $401.4 million~Britain's favorite musical


~first performance on October 8, 1985 at Barbican Theatre in London, England~more than 48,000 performances~performed in 22 different languages in more than 319 cites of 44 countries~25th anniversary at the O2 in North Greenwich, London where 32,000 people attended~30th anniversary at Queen's Theatre in London, England only had 45o tickets available over mobile lottery~seen by more than 70 million people worldwide~originally produced by Cameron Mackintosh~performance almost 3 hours long~movie released on December 25, 2012~original book written by Victor Hugo and published in 1862


Effects onMusic History/Theater

After serving many years for his crime, Jean Valjean changes his name to Monsieur Madeleine and becomes a factory owner and mayor. He promises to take care of one of his worker's daughter, Cosette, after she dies. After growing up, Cosette meets Marius and they fall in love with each other. Marius and some other students set up a barricade and are killed by revolutionaries, but Madeleine saves Marius. Marius and Cosette get married and they find Madeleine who tells Cosette of her past right before he dies.




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