Les Arènes

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Les Arènes

Vincent Van GoghLes Arènes1888Oil on canvas

Les Arènes

Cafe Terrace at NightVincet Van Gogh1888Oil on canvas

Vincent Van GoghThe Night Café1888Oil on Canvas

This piece is a successful work of art do to its combination of elements and priciples to create an image that can turn the least thoughful person into a full fledged insightful thinker.

This piece is also successful do to its simplistic shapes that turn it into a more complicated work of art.

This piece of art is one of the best oil paintings Van Gogh has ever done. He should be considered the best painter in the history of oil painting.

Van Gogh created this piece to depict the way people vary in like and dislikes, in this case according to the bullfight how people are enjoying the bullfight while others are just go to mock others ad are just like "yeah we're here, but we're just here to watch you peole not the bullfight."

The two ladies talking and not paying attention to the fight represents the royalty and how they just go to events to mock the peasants and how they live their lives and how they have fun.


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