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How It's MadeLeptin is made by body fat cells. It is sent through the bloodstream to the brain so the brain can act upon it and regulate how much food you eat and how much energy is spent. Diabetes and LeptinAn over-weight peron is leptin resistant. This causes them to keep eating because the brain has not begun to regulate food eaten. This also makes the pancreas unable to produce insulin Being leptin resistant can lead to having diabetes. Scientists are working on how to use leptin to help with obesity and type 2 diabetes. You can also purchase leptin supplements.

Jeffery Freidman, a molecular geneticist, found a recessive mutation in mice which caused the affected mouse to be three times the size of a normal mouse. He started to search for the gene that caused the mice to be obese by using positional cloning. After eight years of cloning the obese gene and its homolog to humans, he purified the gene product and found a hormone he called leptin.

Who Found Leptin?

Connection of leptin to obesity.

Cycle it goes through.

Leptin's structure.

Jeffrey Freidman


A hormone that regulates metabolism and body weight.

Cycle it goes through with diabetes.

How Does Leptin Work?Leptin lets the brain know how much fat is in the body. When the levels rise, your appetite decreases and your metabolic rate increases. As the levels go down, your appetite goes back up and your metabolism slows.

Research Being DoneScientists are experimenting with leptin supplements' effect on lipid metabolism, glucose metabolism and insulin action

Jeffrey's Mice


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