Leopold and Loeb

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Leopold and Loeb

Nathan LEOPOLD aged 19 AND Richard LOEB aged 18

May 21st, 1924

KIDNAPPED/MURDERED14 year old Bobby Franks

1. Leopold and Loeb abducted Bobby Franks using a car in order to commit the "perfect crime" involving both murder and kidnap.

2. Loeb killed Franks with a chisel while Leopold drove the car.

3. Franks body was stripped, ruined with hyradraulic acid, and dumped into a culvert near Wolf Lake in Southern Chicago.

4. Bobby's parents, Jacob and Flora Franks, received a phone call and ransom note from Leopold disguised as "George Johnson" for $10,000 in ransom.

5. A laborer found a Bobby Franks body along wtih a pair of glasses near it that turned out to be Leopold's.

6. With further investigation by lawyer Robert Crowe, May 31st, 1924 Leopold and Loeb were arrested after admitting to their crime.

Disposition: On September 10th, 1924, Leopold and Loeb got 99 years in prison for kidnapping and life imprisonment for murder.

Forensic RelevanceThe evidence in this case: Glasses, note, and testimony showcase the investigation backthen with handwriting examinination with the note, backward tracking originationof glasses, and proving authenticity of expert testimony. Also,the psychology of the criminals helped determine the possibiltyof crminal psychology developing from an early age.

Current ImplicationsThe "thrill to kill" theory presented by the killers has become an aspect of criminal psycology and child psychiatry. In popular culture, movies like Murder by Numbers and Rope, have adapted the storyline of this notorious case. From this case, it can presumed that it's important to increase our awareness on the psychology of others and not hold prejudice against those of the lower class as people of the higher class can engage in criminal activities too.

Nathan Leopold was born to an affluent, Jewishfamily. He was pursuing law at theUniversity of Chicago before murderingBobby Franks. He spent 33 years in prisonbefore being released on parole. Afterwards, he settled in Puerto Rico where he got marriedand died of a heart attack at the of 66.

Richard Loeb was the third son of a wealthy, Jewish family. He was a student at both University of Chicago and University of Michigan before murdering Bobby Franks. He got murdered in prison at the age of 30 by fellow prisoner, James Days. Before his death, Loeb established a school for prisoner's with Leopold.


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