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This is the area of where leopards live!!

By Paige!

Endangered Leopards!

Ways to save them!1) Stop cutting down the forests, its bad for the leopards and other animals also.2) Stop killing them for their fur and skin.3) Ban hunting the Leopards.4) Put them in a zoo, where they are safe.5) Stop killing the Leopards for their meat.

Facts About the Leopard!1)The Leopards live in Africa, Asia, and the Middle East- In the forests, grasslands, and mountains.2) When leopards pant it helps them cool off on a hot day.3) On the leopard’s paws are pads and fur between its toes to help the leopard walk quietly.4) Female leopards can have up to six cubs.5) Leopards have black spots and their coat is short and sleek. a. The black spots are called rosette. b. Coats can be golden, tan, and light gray

Panthera Parus

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