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All About Leopards!

I am a leopard.I live in Africa and Asia.

I live in these parts of Africa.

A Leopard is the the third largest cat in Asia and Africa. Male Leopards are almost 9 feet long and 2.7 meters. Most Leopards have light tan fur, with black spots. The black Leopards are so dark it's hard to see them.

Another name for a Leopard is a Panther.

Some of the Leopards relatives are: a Caracal, Cat,Cheetah, Clouded Leopard, Cougar, Jaguar, and a Liger.

Kingdom: AnimaliaPhylum: ChordataClass: MammaliaLeopards eat meat andhunt their prey

This is a black and spotted Leopard.

A Liger is one of the leopards relatives.

Life Spam:12-17 years

By: Bella Polaro 4R

Leopards Enemies are: Tiger, Lions, Humans, Deer, Warthog, and Rodents

Feed on such animals : Monkeys, Antelope, Jackals, Peacocks, Snakes, Sheep, Goats, and Dogs

Ways it Protects itself:On rocky slopes the go up and sneak up on their prey:Leopards have thick grey fur with brown/ black markingsAdaptations: it can vary its diet, with prey it has bigger k9'sIwould not be a good pet because it attacks humans


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